Structure, dynamique et fonction des biomolécules par RMN


Team leaders: Christian Roumestand and Nathalie Declerck

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The team uses its specific expertise in NMR combined with a large spectrum of complementary skills to address challenging biological questions regarding the structure, function and dynamics of biomolecules. Besides classical liquid-state NMR, the team offers specific methodological and technological approaches that contribute to its attractiveness for collaborative projects (NMR under high pressure, large protein solution structure determination, specific amino acid labelling).

From front-to-back, left-to-right: Karine Montet-de Guillen (IE, INSERM), Léa Mammri (IE, CDD), Nathalie Declerck (DR, INRA), Cécile Dubois (ATER, UM), Philippe Barthe (IR, UM), André Padilla (CR, CNRS), Christian Roumestand (PU, UM)


List of team members

Our current research projects focus on two main axis: 1) Structural basis of plant immunity and 2) NMR under High Hydrostatic Pressure. The team is also strongly involved in platform activities.