Structures and Screening of Therapeutic and Environmental Targets


Team leader William Bourguet

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Our main projects deal with characterizing the interactions of therapeutic and environmental targets with ligands. We are also deeply interested in the structure-function relationships of proteins.

Our multidisciplinary research is organized into 3 main projects:

i) Nuclear receptors and their coregulators

ii) Bio-inspired fragment-based and structure-based drug design

iii) Structural ADMETox

Our multi-faceted projects involve an important component dedicated to new multi-disciplinary methodologies in order to develop novel approaches to optimize drug design with the concomitant characterization of therapeutic targets.

Team 5 comprises six permanent researchers (2 Inserm, 3 CNRS and 1 UM1), three CNRS engineers, three post-docs and two PhD students. Members of Team 5 make use of a wide array of methods from biology to chemistry through bio-informatics, structural biology (X-ray crystallography and NMR) while developing novel interfaces (ex. medicinal chemistry and structural biology).