The CBS participates to several Masters'degrees delivered by Montpellier University and the Faculty of Pharmacy:
. Master in Bio-Health (Biophysics, Structures and Systems)
. Master in Drug Sciences (Structural Biology and Rational Design of Bioactive Molecules)
. Master PIV (Physics and Engineering of Living Systems) . Master EPHE (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes)

PhD students are recruited through the CBS2 Doctoral School of Biology and Health of Montpellier University. Three-years PhD fellowships are financed by Montpellier University, other local, national or European Institutions, or industrial contracts.

Applicants are encouraged to check the website of the CBS2 doctoral school:  www.adum.fr/as/ed/cbs2 CBS2 logo

For more information, please download the programs below.