Plateforme Intégrée de Biophysique et de Biologie Structurale


Atomic Force Microscopy

Technical manager Cédric Godefroy
Scientific manager Luca Costa
Permanent staff Pierre-Emmanuel Milhiet

The AFM Platform is established at the Center for Structural Biochemistry (CBS) and supports instrumental and scientific activities linked to the characterization of biological samples by means of Atomic Force Microscopy. The Platform wants to encourage the emergence of a culture addressing high resolution and high-speed imaging, the evaluation of mechanical properties and application of forces at nanoscale integrating them with a large variety of fluorescence techniques. The Platform supports, on a best effort basis, users needing AFM instrumentation and/or AFM know-how.

Pictorial representation of biological membranes studied by correlative Atomic Force Microscopy and Fluorescence, main techniques of the platform

AFM imaging at high resolution in liquid


Correlative AFM with Super-Resolution, TIRF or Confocal/FLIM


High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy


Mechanical properties

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