Plateforme Intégrée de Biophysique et de Biologie Structurale


Correlative AFM with Super-Resolution, TIRF or Confocal/FLIM


Correlate biomolecules activity observed by Fluorescence (Epi and TIRF), Super Resolution Microscopy (PALM/STORM) or Confocal and Fluorescence Spectroscopy (FLIM, FRET, FCS) with the associated sample topology and mechanics observed by AFM.

Our two fluorescence-AFM correlative setups are mounted on top of Zeiss inverted microscopes. Fast AFM imaging (1 frame in few seconds) can be performed simultaneously with the fluorescence microscopy operation.


Amphiphatic Lipid Packing Sensors (ALPS, left), and DOPE (Rhodamin marked, center) TIRF image correlated with the AFM image of the model membrane + biomolecules on the right. Scan size = 10 µm.


Correlative AFM with Super-Resolution Fluorescence, TIRF and EPI


Correlative AFM with Fluorescence Spectroscopy


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