Plateforme Intégrée de Biophysique et de Biologie Structurale


Protein crystallisation and structure determination facilities - FRISBI

Technical managers François Hoh , Muriel Gelin
Scientific manager Vanessa Delfosse
Permanent staff François Hoh, Jean-François Guichou, Gilles Labesse, Muriel Gelin, Jean-François Guichou, Albane le Maire, William Bourguet

Automated crystallization screening and optimization using hanging and sitting drop set up at two temperatures (20 deg and 4 deg). Diffraction using synchrotron beamlines and structure elucidation.

Comments For data collection, The CBS has regularly access to several synchrotron like ESRF (Grenoble, FR), Soleil (Gif-sur-Yvette, FR), SLS (Villigen,CH) and ALBA (Barcelona, Spain).

Crystallisation screening and crystallisation conditions optimization


Automated visualization of protein crystallization drops


Automated pippeting and liquid handling


Ligand screening

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