Plateforme Intégrée de Biophysique et de Biologie Structurale


Correlative AFM with Super-Resolution Fluorescence, TIRF and EPI


Correlate biomolecules activity observed by Fluorescence (Epi and TIRF) or Super Resolution Microscopy (PALM/STORM) with the associated sample topology observed by AFM.

Our fluorescence-AFM correlative setup is mounted on top of a Zeiss inverted microscope. Fast AFM imaging (1 frame in few seconds) can be performed simultaneously with the fluorescence microscopy operation.

JPK Nanowizard 4 coupled to Super Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy and TIRF
Specifications AFM:
  • X - Y scan (Tip scanning): 100 micron each
  • Z scan: 15 micron (Head) or 100 micron (Sample, CellHesion)
  • Equipped with the ultra-High-Speed cantilever holder that can achieve a scan speed of 1 image/second, a petri dish heater for living cells experiments at 37 °C and with the Advanced Quantitative-Imaging (QI) option.
  • Four laser lines: 405 nm, 488 nm, 560 nm and 640 nm (Coherent)
  • Oil immersion objective from Zeiss, 1.45 NA, 100X.
  • iXon EMCCD from Andor that can be cooled down by liquid flow to ensure minimal invasiveness between EMCCD vibrations and the AFM stability.
Room 1A10@CBS60