Structure and Dynamics of Nucleoproteic and Membrane Assemblies


Our BioInformatics platform (named A.B.C.I.S.) offers access to many web-based tools dedicated to various aspects of structural bioinformatics and chemoinformatics.
 It is, in part, developed within the framwork of the MobyleNet project (coordinator Pierre Tuffery, MTi, Paris)


BioInformatics Web Site : A.B.CI.S. :


Our equipment includes many INTERNET servers and a LINUX cluster.


many web-based servers (on-line tools):

Many servers offer the tools developed at CBS:
-Atome Servers (3 powerful servers supermicro / multi Cores / HD 50 To)
-CBS Mobyle server (DELL PowerEdge R610 / 2 cores / Ram 16 Go / HD 300 Go)
-Abcis web server (DELL server  SC1435 / 4 cores / Ram 4 Go / HD 300 Go / linux)
-Several bio-informatics online services are maintained in virtual machines (Pat, Knottin, ...).

a computer cluster :

A multi nodes cluster (136 cores Linux/PBS) offers additional computing power if necessary (shared with other techniques)

a computer network:

All this equipment is in a secure computer network that includes many services; firewall, email, VPN connexion, secure data storage and backup, redundant and secure servers,...