Plateforme Intégrée de Biophysique et de Biologie Structurale




Measure conformational changes, interactions, changes in the environment of single molecules.

Confocal-based smFRET, FCS, FCCS, PIE, TCSPC, MFD

A portion of the TCSPC smFRET light path
Specifications Pulsed white supercontinuum source (100ps / 50ns) split in two optical paths, one of them is delayed (7m => 21ns delay)
Band-pass filters to select excitation wavelengths (488, 532, 590, 633, 740nm).
Prompt and delayed beams are recombined in a single mode optical fiber (to clean the beam + ensure proper overlay of all wavelengths)
Pulse synchronizer on the prompt path APM-400, B&H
Nikon statif with perfect focus system (cannot be used at 740nm excitation).
Objectives: 100X NA 1 .4 oil

Sample motorized stage (MS-2000, ASI)
Dual polarisation + dual color emission splitter => 2+2 APD (MFD detection)
TCSPC counting board (SPC-150, Becker&Hickl) + 4 channel router
Comment For full description, please refer to: Olofsson et al, Opt Expr (2013)
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