Plateforme Intégrée de Biophysique et de Biologie Structurale


Structural analysis of frozen hydrated single particles


Structure of protein complexes at high resolution

After purification of the protein complexe of interest, a negative stained grid of the sample is done. It is a very easy and fast way to tell if the protein solution is homogenous, stable and a suitable candidate for high resolution structure analysis. Then, the best protocol is used to prepare the frozen hydrated samples (good spreading of the protein complexe on the cryo grids). Images are then acquired (more than thousands images). A selection of the best images is done and 2D and 3D analysis are performed on each protein complexe particles (usually close to millions of particles).


Micrograph of ribosomes particles and the corresponding 3D structure

Comment Have a high quality purified sample of the protein complexe of interest (buffer composition)

Cryo Electron Microscope


Vitrobot (ThermoFischer)


Pumping Station (Gatan) for cryo holders


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