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Typhoon FLA 9500


Fluorescence scanner for gels

Laser scanner for fluorescence imaging => precise quantitation of proteins, nucleic acids, and other biomolecules. Fluorescence detection on gels, membranes, petri dishes, multi-well plates…

Typhoon FLA9500
  • High resolution and quantitation: a pixel resolution of up to 10 µm and a linear signal response over five orders of magnitude provides precise quantitation in gels, blots, tissue sections, and arrays
  • High sample throughput: scanning area of 40 × 46 cm enables simultaneous imaging of up to 20 mini-gels or blots
  • 3 lasers : 473, 532, 635nm + 4 emission filters :
  • BPB1 (520-540nm)
  • BPG1 (560-580nm)
  • LPG (≥ 575nm)
  • LPR (≥ 665nm)
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