Cryo Electron Microscope


Sample analysis in negative stain, electron tomography or frozen hydrated sample

EM to analyse singles particles samples in negative stain,1400 frozen hydrated sample, or cells by electron tomography

  Microscope JEOL 1400

 JEOL 1400 Flash transmission electron microscope


It is a LaB6 microscope working at 120kV, equipped with a GATAN One View camera to record images. This microscope is open to every user after training, to screen and to check their sample quality, then, have a 2D classes after acquisition on negative stained samples. This microscope is also equipped with cryo pole piece to allow frozen hydrated samples observation. The implemented Shot Meister software allows low dose acquisition, suitable for biological samples that are highly sensitive to electron damages. For cryo electron tomography, Serial EM software is used to collect tilted series from -60° to +60°.


Room Z3-4@CBS29