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Joint meeting of the GDRI Physics of Living Systems and the GRISBI Network

Montpellier, June 1-3 2015


The Centre de Biochimie Structurale and the Laboratoire Charles Coulomb will organize in Montpellier, France, a joint meeting between the GRISBI and the GDRI POLS, on June 1-3 2015.

The GDRI POLS is an international research network functioning as a student training platform at the interface between Biology and Physics. The goal of this initiative is the establishment of a transnational community-based network of graduate students and graduate student educators. In addition to some French research institutes, foreign participating institutions include Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge and Yale Universities, LMU, MPG and TU Munich, Max Planck Institute, or Weizmann Institute of Science...

The GRISBI is an Interdisciplinary research group on biological systems, regrouping experimental and theoretical biophysicists in Montpellier.

The meeting in Montpellier will last 2 days, and regroup 100 to 150 scientists, mainly from the French groups members of IPOLs, as well as four invited speakers from Munich and Cambridge. It will cover various aspects of the "Physics of Living Systems", from the single molecules to the tissues level, bringing together theorists and experimentalists. A large part of the program will be devoted to short communications, for which the participation of PhD students and post-docs is strongly encouraged.

The local organizing comitee is composed of : Emmanuel Margeat (CBS), Vladimir Lorman (L2C), Gladys Massiera (L2C), Pierre Emmanuel Milhiet (CBS), Marcelo Nollmann (CBS), Andrea Parmeggiani (L2C & DIMNP), Francesco Pedaci (CBS).