Structure and Dynamics of Nucleoproteic and Membrane Assemblies


Single molecule fluorescence microscopes

Total internal relexion microscope with alternating laser excitation (msALEX) for single particules tracking and spFRET

Confocal microscope with pulsed alternating laser excitation (PIE/nsALEX) and time- (TCSPC) and polarization- resolved detection, for FRET measurements on single molecules

2-photon microscopes for fluorescence correlation spectroscopies (FCS/ FCCS/ N&B analysis)


Atomic force microscopes

High speed atomic force microscope

Developped as a collaboration with Pr. Toshio Ando, now commercially available (RIBM).

Multimode microscopes

Two Multimode Microscopes equipped with Nanoscope® 3a ou 8 controllers (Nano-Bruker), with "Peak Force Tapping" mode

JPK AFM coupled with superresolution fluorescence microscopy

JPK microscope mounted on an inverted Zeiss stage, equipped with a home made superresolution microscopy system (PALM / STORM)