Structure and Dynamics of Nucleoproteic and Membrane Assemblies



Our group develops and uses ensemble and single molecule biophysical technologies to study the following biological topics:
i ) Molecular mechanisms of transcriptional regulation in a single bacteria ( Nathalie Declerk ) ;
ii) structural dynamics of transcription termination and G protein-coupled receptors ( Emmanuel Margeat )
iii) structure and dynamics of membrane assemblies with an emphasis on tetraspanins complexes ( Christine Doucet and Pierre- Emmanuel Milhiet ).

Main biophysical techniques

Single fluorophores tracking in live cells (PEM)

Measurements of FRET on immobilized or diffusing single molecules, with picosecond resolution (EM)

Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (EM,ND)

Atomic force microscopy (PEM , CD)

Superresolution fluorescence microscopy (with Marcelo Nollmann ) .

The development of these advanced technologies , which allow to shed a new light on our biological systems of interest , is a central element of our research. The latest developments include high-speed AFM, combination AFM / super-resolution microscopy or time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy at the single molecule level . Our research also relies on a network internal collaborations within the CBS, in France and abroad .