Structure and Dynamics of Nucleoproteic and Membrane Assemblies

X-ray crystallography at the CBS


The CBS is hosting a complete set of equipments for macromolecular crystallogenesis and X-ray diffraction. Within the framework of the national infrastructure FRISBI, the CBS in Montpellier is developing in situ diffraction in collaboration with the IBS (Grenoble) in order to automate ligand screening by X-ray crystallography.



- Crystallization :

  Mosquito HTS from ttplabtech wtih 5 positons and humidifier chamber. Drops from 0,05 200 nl.


- X-ray anode Rigaku MicroMax 007 HF with two outputs equiped with:

- a MarResearch image plate (mar345) and a cryostream (Oxford Cryosystems),

- a ccd camera (Photonics), with a Grob robot (NatX-ray) for in situ diffraction.

Diffracto 1


- Crystallization Robot
  96-needle crystallization robot (Hamilton)

 Robot cristallo


-  Systeme de visualisation automatique CrystalPro de MDL / Automatic visualisation system, CrystalPro from MDL



 - Pipetteur manuel 96 de Steinbrenner / 96 manual pipettor from Steinbrenner Laborsysteme



-  Système nano X8 de Cartesian / X8 nano system from Cartesian



Financial supports for the above equipments were obtained mainly from the IBiSA initiative (Rigaky X-ray diffractometer), the university Montpellier I (Hamilton pipeting system), "Grand Emprunt" (G-rob, CCD camera and visualization bench) as well as various ANR and INCa grants.