Structure and Dynamics of Nucleoproteic and Membrane Assemblies

Structural Biology

Welcome to the department of Structural Biology at the CBS.

The department of Structural Biology comprises five teams that make use of a wide array of cutting-edge technologies to gain insight into biological phenomena at the molecular and atomic level. The approaches being used and developed include X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy (EM), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), computational modeling, chemistry, and synthetic biology.



Structure, function and dynamics of biomolecules by NMR

Structural biology of infectious diseases, high pressure NMR and protein folding

Christian Roumestand



Highly flexible protein

Deciphering the links between the structure and dynamics of disordered proteins with their biological function

Pau Bernadó



Multi-scale structural biology

Investigating the structure of biological complexes of pathogens in using integrated structural methods

Patrick Bron



Synthetic biology

Rational design of new biological systems and translating synthetic biology tools and principles to healthcare and medical diagnostics

Jérôme Bonnet



Structures and screening of therapeutic and environmental targets

Characterization of therapeutic and environmental targets, focused medicinal chemistry and integrated screening by X-ray crystallography and bioinformatics

William Bourguet