Structure and Dynamics of Nucleoproteic and Membrane Assemblies

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Magnetic Tweezers

The magnetic field of permanent magnets is used to apply force and torque on super-paramagnetic microscopic beads. In this way single biopolymers like DNA and RNA tethered to the bead, can be stretched and twisted, while their extention and conformation is monitored by optical tracking microscopy.

Microscopie biphotonique de corrélation

Microscopie biphotonique de corrélation de fluorescence FCS/ FCCS/ N&B analysis

Optical Tweezers, Optical Torque Wrench

Optical tweezers can trap microscopic particles exerting linear forces on them. Using birefringent nano-fabricated particles shaped as cylinders, optical tweezers can be expanded with torque manipulation and detection. Forces of the order of the 0.1-10 pN and torque of the order of 1-1000 pN nm can be applied and measured.

Microscope confocal

Microscope confocal avec excitation alternée pulsée (PIE/nsALEX) et detection TCSPC résolue en temps et en polarisation, pour mesures de FRET sur molécules uniques