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1ère Journée Grand-Sud de RMN

30-31 Mai 2016



Bruker est votre partenaire privilégié pour les techniques analytiques basées sur la Résonance Magnétique : RMN, RPE et IRM pré-clinique L'activité Résonance Magnétique de bruker comprend la RMN, l'IRM préclinique, la RPE et la RMN basse résolution et commercialise la plus large gamme au monde d'outils de recherche, permettant les études dans de multiples domaines : sciences de la vie, science des matériaux, analyse chimique, contrôle qualité et de procédés et recherche clinique. Bruker est également un producteur reconnu d'aimants supraconducteurs haut et très haut champ pour la RMN et l'IRM.


For more than 50 years, JEOL has been known for its wide range of NMR solutions tailored to meet the requests of academic, industrial and government customers; from routine experiments to advanced research. Let us know more about your requirements


Partner for labelled compounds The Leading NMR solvents Producer in Europe!


CortecNet is a Stable Isotopes-driven company devoted to identifying, developing and marketing innovative products in the fields of NMR, MS, MRI, and PET. The company's research activities and products are connected by a common thread focused on the structural elucidation of small organic compounds and bio-molecules for spectroscopy studies and on metabolic imaging to assess treatment responses of various types of tumors. The company has gained international recognition among the NMR community over the last 20 years for the creation of inventive labeled compounds and various consumables. The society has presently 3 subsidiaries located in California (USA), in Bangkok (Thailand) and in Sofia (Bulgaria).


NMR-Bio: NMR-Bio offers the latest generation of NMR optimized precursors for specific [13C, 1H]-labelling of methyl group in proteins.Our precursors are supplied as userfriendly kits, ready for a direct introduction in culture medium without the requirement of further modification. Our kits are packaged in vials precalibrated to be used in a 1L E. coli perdeuterated culture medium.


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