Equipements de biocrystallographie

The CBS is hosting a complete set of equipments for macromolecular crystallogenesis. Financial supports for the above equipments were obtained mainly various ANR and INCa grants.
Within the framework of the national infrastructure FRISBI, the CBS in Montpellier is developing in situ diffraction in collaboration with the IBS (Grenoble) in order to automate ligand screening by X-ray crystallography.
For data collection, The CBS has regularly access to several synchrotron like ESRF (Grenoble, FR), Soleil (Gif-sur-Yvette, FR), SLS (Villigen,CH) and ALBA (Barcelona, Spain)

Crystallization :


Mosquito HTS from ttplabtech wtih 5 positons and humidifier chamber. Drops from 0,05 200 nl.

Crystallization Imagers :



R1000 Formulatrix