France‐BioImaging is a large‐scale national research infrastructure. France-Bioimaging will deploy a distributed biological imaging infrastructure in a coordinated and harmonized manner. At the frontier between molecular and cell biology, biophysics and engineering, mathematics and bioinformatics, France-BioImaging gathers, several outstanding biological Imaging Centerssupported by state of the art R&D teams with the aim to cover recent advances in microscopy, spectroscopy, probe engineering and signal processing. Thereby France-BioImaging will provide quantitative measurements, computational analysis and an integrative understanding of a wide range of cellular and tissular activities.

France-BioImaging is a highly pluridisciplinary project with participants in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer science and engineering. The strength of the France-BioImaging consortium is to put efforts together to overcome technological barriers persisting at different levels of Cellular Imaging. Different solutions for each challenge are proposed among different nodes, justifying a second level of France BioImaging organization as shared technological and methodological Work Packages.


More information on the France BioImaging website